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Kitty Su New Years Eve party last year left a strong impression. To beat their own standards, this year the celebrations will get bigger and better. Electro and House DJ Ian Carey will be playing. Ian Carey is an American house DJ and record producer from Maryland, United States. Ian Carey is and has been for many years a legendary key player in the House scene worldwide. Ian grew up in.. Continue reading »
Meet Umesh Chand, 25 years old. 1. What do you do at Kitty Su? I'm a Bar supervisor at Kitty Su. I supervise the bartenders to make sure they follow proper procedures for making drinks, use the right garnish and ingredients and also maintain hygiene around the bar. 2. How long have you worked here? Over 1 year, I joined with the beginning of Kitty Su on the 20th of July 2011. 3. What do you like most ab.. Continue reading »
This Saturday we have yet another unbelievable act. Epic producer and DJ TOCADISCO travel to our shore this weekend. Kitty Su was an obvious choice for the mega DJ to perform at (c'mon, who else could have the same quality of music and grand capacity of holding their Indian fan base comfortably?) With over a hundred remixes, two artist albums and 20 international successful singles, TOCADISCO is touring worldwi.. Continue reading »