SKRILLEX AFTERPARTY #MUMBAI #KITTYSU    So then, word going round town was that SKRILLEX was having an Afterparty. And then, this poster happened.   The town got buzzing and Twitter was booming, mostly with confusion and curiosi.. Continue reading »
Sander Van Doorn, one of the big names when you think of ‘Electronic Dance Music’. We’ll be dancing to his beats this weekend, a night of unlimited fun at Pleasure Dome. He loves to play in India, he says and we’ll answer to that at Pleasure- Dome with dance moves and good vibes when he plays his set. Every time I listen to ‘Gold Skies’ I get goosebumps! Sander Van Doorn has been rated 4 Times in TOP 20 by the DJ MAG Rankings top 100.. Continue reading »
Sander van Doorn is one of the world’s influentially popular DJ/Producers in dance music with excellence in production and performance, a stronghold in dance music, a generation defining artist, reshaping our perception of what dance music can be and doing it all with a Sander Van Doorn-smile. Two albums, hit-singles, remixes of the worlds biggest artists, a record label ‘Doorn Records’ and a weekly radio .. Continue reading »
Slove is a band that mixes its tastes for yesterday’s indie pop music flamboyance and the urgency of todayʼs electronic music. Shaking up todayʼs French scene the two founding members Léo Hellden & Julien Barthe are involved in several exciting projects (Aswefall, Tristesse Contemporaine for Léo, Plaisir de France and Sweetlight / Abusator for Julien). Continue reading »
Can I get a KISS please? We are super excited to welcome back DJ Kiss for another hip swinging, fist-pumping Saturday night! After opening for HUGE names like Drake, Chris Brown, Estelle, 50 Cent, Ryan Leslie to name a few, he’s back to make the rooms buzz at Kitty Su. And most certainly, he’s our clear favorite! Playing at after-show parties all around the world from France to Brazil, he really knows how to make the crowd move. He’s successfully seduced a broad and demanding audience an.. Continue reading »
We take the phrase “starting the new year with a BANG” very seriously! After having rocked Delhi’s socks off for over 3 years, Kitty Su is opening shortly at the Lalit Hotel in Chandigarh and Mumbai. Both the new clubs, true to the Kitty Su philosophy, will be a fusion of music, fun, fashion and of course, lots of cocktails. Similar to Kitty Su New Delhi, the rooms will be brought alive through their décor. Come experience an artistic exploration of the past and present that has been beau.. Continue reading »
WOW TECHNOLOGY! Kitty Su has always promised to keep it fresh, fun and fabulous - we did just that and more by bringing the coolest new concept to India for the very first time. We’re excited to be a part of the Mixify revolution that is changing the way people party across the world. Founded in 2012 with the mission to make live events more accessible and affordable, Mixify has since become the premiere interactive live-streaming platform for connecting DJs and fans around the .. Continue reading »
This Halloween on Friday the 31st stormed into the music scene in 2008 and now have swiftly merited a reputable and solid name for themselves. With smashing club hits such as Funky Shit, Where’s Your Head At, Dear New York, Helicopter & Guitar Track, they’ve been hot property ever since... their music is so good that it’ll give you goose bumps! Our rooms will be decorated in the true spirit of crazy Halloween, with cobwebs, vampires, skeletons, witches, pumpkins and lots of eerie surpri.. Continue reading »
1. Judging by the number of Dutch DJs spinning their wares, it seems that almost everyone in the Netherlands is into producing and DJ'ing… what’s the deal? I think it’s because of the club scene here. There have always been EDM festivals and parties here. I started clubbing when I was 16/17 years old and I lot of kids here start clubbing by that age.  Electronic music has always been a part of the Dutch culture. We grew up with it!! 2. And how did you get into electronic music? .. Continue reading »
1.       Where does the name “North and South” come from? “I went through a lot of names (which are too embarrassing to mention) and finally decided to select one which represents the entire spectrum of music I want to cover. Ranging from the high energetic music (North) as well as the more mellow soulful side of electronic music (South)” 2.       How did it all start? “I’ve been a musician all my life, a drummer for most. I bought my dad a guitar on his 50th .. Continue reading »