Alessandro Lindblad also called as Alesso slash the hottest young DJ in the world. When we heard he is coming to Kitty Su as part of the first big gig in 2013, excitement couldn’t be contained. I mean, this is the DJ who has made genius tracks like ‘Years’, ‘Clash’ and ‘City of Dreams’! And so early and peak of his career we will have him perform at Kitty Su Delhi – first time ever in India! This was a start of big things. The year has got to look bright with such a start.


We asked Alesso fans to send in questions to ask him, which were shortlisted by The Festival Sherpa. These five questions were answered by Alesso himself moments before his first ever performance in India. Hope you enjoy:


1.@amishedmfreak Which city according to him is his‪ # cityofdreams 😀

Alesso: “Oof!.. They call Mumbai the ‘city of dreams’ right? For me if I had to pick one city I think New York is the city of dreams because there is so much going on there. Its tough, I think city of dreams is for every individual to decide. Maybe the city of dreams for the people is Mumbai, or LA. Maybe an obvious answer, but I would pick NY.


2.@ SUYOGIKHANKAR What do you like about Indian Culture?

Alesso: “I heard it’s a very very special country and there are billions of people here. To be honest I do not know much but that is why I am here. I wanna see and perform here and how the people are. So far everything is really nice. It is my first time to India.”

 Do you think about India & the current EDM scenario out here?

Alesso: “I have heard that Axwell has done some shows here  and he really really likes it. And you have a really big festival (Sunburn) which I have heard about.”


4. @sarthak003
 Your favorite track of 2012 apart from his own productions?

 Alesso:Greyhound by  Swedish House Mafia. without a doubt.”


5. Shantanu Puro @shantanupuro A lot of top artists use the medium of podcasts to reach out to more listeners. Do you plan to do the same? 

Alesso: “There are so many people who are doing podcasts everyday, so I don’t know. If i’m going to do something like that, its got to be something different. I would rather give out like a mix. I gave out a mini mix for new years. I know it is not the same thing, but I would do my own thing. Even on youtube, I do not do diaries, but I did the 2012 video. The video was different – rather (have people) hear me speak, make it about the year and not just make noise, if you know what I mean.”

6. @ani6991: If you had to battle with one DJ who would it be?

Alesso: “Probably one that’s not so good. I can tell you one I wouldn’t want to do a battle with- Sebastian Ingrosso. He is the most skilled DJ I have ever seen. He is always so on it all the time – a cappella, cues, mixing and looping. And there is so much I’ve learned from him. For a battle, I don’t think I would challenge anyone. Its not about challenging the DJ. I would play with them.”

KS: Who would you like to play with then?

Alesso: “I would like to play with Chris Martin from Coldplay. I would like to DJ with him.”

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