We aren’t just an inclusive nightlife destination where differentiated folk gather to celebrate their identity; ours is an idea set in stone and music that echoes diversity and equality. At The LaLiT, we celebrate the choice of each and every individual.

Having been host to the most celebrated DJs from across the globe, the most coveted fashion lines amongst other things, we have celebrated #PureLove and inclusivity and have since brought the LGBTQI community under the disco ball to define the moves of the present. This year we shall introduce the #KittySuSection777 and invite you all to write your own phrase of what you will like to experience in Kitty Su.

#7yearsofKittySu is the remembrance of the change that has been extended from our nightlife destination. The acts and performances here have been orchestrated to yield more than just the usual bout of entertainment. We are proud to have introduced the first differently-abled DJ giving voice to the drag culture.

Anniversary Celebrations

As the norm goes, the host of performers will be headed by the Drag Queen Harish. Next up are fresh rappers from the North-Eastern block Sumeet Samos and Raktim. Here’s a roundup of the 7th anniversary celebration.

22nd August – the celebrations begin with the beats of DJ Aamish

23rd August – the trans empowerment night

24th – giving tribute to the transgenders who make this worth celebrating: Alex, Navya, Abhina, Mahi, and Kiara will be highlight of the evening with their performances

25th – the anniversary will be decorated by drag divas

  • Thorgy Thor – Contestant at RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 and 3rd Season of All Stars
  • Milk – Contestant at RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 and 3rd Season of All Stars
  • Rani Ko-He-Nur
  • Maya The Drag Queen

Just a beginning

The revolutionary place of gathering owes its stature to inclusivity; we match every male DJ with a female counterpart. The big night will be celebrated with a collaboration between Yass Queen DJs along with Inlcov to mark the #PureLove campaign. With the induction of the LGBTQI community, Kitty Su has been the initiation of an inclusive society.

Bookings now open for Anniversary only and Anniversary + Stay at The LaLiT New Delhi, on www.kittysu.com.

Reserve a solo seat or invite someone special to make it a twosome or threesome eve.  It is an open invitation for all to embrace inclusivity!

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