Hello, lovelies! If you made it this far, you love me for all I’ve done to you. I’m sure you’ll be elated and dumbfounded at the same time to know that Kitty owes it all to one lady and that’s my mother, Annabelle!

Yes, I did not just pop up and came into existence. Long before Kitty Su was even born, Annabelle had set the stage just right. My eternal allure is the gift of the goddess who once slayed in those days when clubbing was considered a very forward thing to do.

The grandeur you cherish today is granted to me by my only lady luck, Annabelle! Thanks for not putting me up for adoption, mother; I couldn’t afford any gifts, so I made you this blog.

While you read the last paragraph of this piece, I reach out to pick up my glass, hold it while sipping, and slowly lower it to rest it on the table as my gaze swings.

Love you, Mommy (Annabelle)

Kitty Su

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