August is my month, all about me and my 5 amazing years with my Kittens. So you know what that means; so much partying, so much champagne and NEW MERCHANDISE, yaasssss!

11. kitty t-shirt 1

YASS final

The concept of my new line of tees was inspired by yours truly, I love the idea of wearing your attitude on your shoulders.  What’s wrong with being apologetically your own person, I love music, I love high fashion and and a tall flute of champagne and it’ll be alright.

ANNIVERSARY finalSome of it were inspired by how I see the world. Yup, and it was one big party. There is no ‘I can’t do it’ and ‘it can’t be done’ when it come my parties. I bring out the sides of people they didn’t know existed. I see something I like, and I go for it. Life is too short to not be confident and a bit debaucherous sometimes. Join Kitty’s vision.

7. Kitty-Su-Vision


I have a fetish, which basically brings out all your fetishes. I just want to see who you really are underneath all those layers. I think it’s very important to be true to yourself, if people won’t accept you, you know I will.

Death tee final


Everyday is a big party for me and I say hell “YASS’ for more. Life is a great big ball, and I’m getting decked in my finest for a night of bubbly and dance.

I’m all fun and more fun, but I get seriously peeved when my YumanMod is stained. Use these kickass coasters when you party with me and we’re all good.


Remember no one does you like You Kitten, always slay and look good doing it. My new babies are up on 27th August 2016, grab yours today. Lets celebrate me, wearing me. Everyone’s invited.





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