Turning 5 is a big deal, especially to someone like me. I love celebrations and benchmarks and I’m all about going out of my way especially if it means i get to party with my Kittens.

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Its a special year because Kitty Su Delhi was where it all started, a lot of work went into making Kitty Su what it has evolved into. Its not just about a ‘nightclub’, it represents a lifestyle. Who doesn’t like good music, getting dressed up looking and feeling good for a drink. Some say my parties are ‘too much’, no honey its well planned out; I just believe that too much is never enough. Plus I’ve worked too hard not to go all out.

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So for my big day, I’m bringing in San Francisco’s very own K Theory. Its going to be an amazing night of great music for sure. Bringing in artists that appeal to my Kittens is of utmost importance. It not just a night out, its an experience.


Anyway so now that I pretty much covered everything for an awesome party, or did I? I ran a contest for my numero unos. It an easy breezy contest where my Kittens could win a stay at the Lalit Delhi plus a big fat goody bag. I love being pampered and I’m all about pampering. There’s no harm in wanting the best because you deserve the best. Plus other things where you buy and get more, more and more, its a month of opulence and excess.

1. 4+1 on us2. 27Aug Kittyversary


So come celebrate all my persistence and planning, no matter what you do, who you are, where you’re from, you’re invited. In fact, everyone’s invited, all of August there’s no entry fee cz you’re important to me Kitten. Let’s people this party xo

Info / Guestlist : 1800 11 6777

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