You’d think a sit-down with Kitty Su’s founder Mr. Keshav Suri would be intimidating. After all, its not an easy job to commence Kitty Su Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kitty Su Pleasuredome, pop-ups and win the ‘Best Nightclub’ Award in each of these cities!

But Keshav has always been the party starter and if you’re accompanying him to the dance floor, be prepared for the craziest night of your life!

I have to introduce the man and brains behind your favorite nighttime haven – Kitty Su!


Hello Keshav! To begin with, what was the idea behind my favorite place to get a hangover from – ‘Kitty Su’?


The idea behind Kitty Su came to me after I moved back from London. Not only was there a dearth of places to go to, but I also felt something was missing in the ones that existed!

I wanted to create multiple spaces within a space.

One club with 4 different rooms playing different genre of music, 4 bars each with a different look and feel, separate toilets. So if you do get bored of one space, there is no need to leave the club at all.

Kitty Su was a massive project; it took me a year and a half to finish. We invested heavily in the sound and, are constantly working on bringing good artists to play.

I have to mention, my mother gave me a lot of creative freedom to work on the project.


You’ve had Skrillex, Diplo, Afrojack, Sander Van Doorn all play at Kitty Su Mumbai within the last year! Whats it about Kitty Su that makes it the place to have the legends after-party at?


Kitty Su is not a restaurant that is turning into a lounge or a bar. Is is a pure nightclub. And all these Djs started their careers in nightclubs, not in gigs or festivals. It brings back a lot to them and in a way is a throwback to their days playing at clubs in New York and Ibiza.

Also, our presence at events like ADE gives us international credibility. We take extra care of our artists; they have the comfort of staying at the Hotel, and the club is very smartly designed with secret entrances for them to come in and out.

The club has great sound, which is a big plus and people always have a good time irrespective of the number of people that turn up. 8 0r 800, the party won’t stop at Kitty Su!


Let’s get serious, what’s your poison?

Of course Champagne! Hello?!?


And more serious, a little birdie told me, there is a shower inside The List? What gives!?


Of course there is a shower inside The List! We believe in experimenting and this is visual merchandising for Shivan & Naresh, where the guys wear their trunks and take a shower with Kronokare products. And, for a change it’s nice to see guys naked!


What are you wearing at the moment?

These shoes, Jean Baptiste Rautureau shoes. I love his shoes.


If the fashion police ever stopped someone from entering Kitty Su, what would they be wearing?


I’m into very bizarre fashion myself, so I like people making a statement! We’re okay with all sorts of clothes, so would never stop someone from partying at Kitty Su because of their sartorial choices.

But, I would recommended for people not to wear open shoes, simply because it’s a nightclub, you’ll get hurt!



Keshav Suri with Christina Novelli at Kitty-versary (Kitty Su Mumbai anniversary party)



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