RAC is the solo indie-electronic, Grammy-nominated project of André Allen Anjos. I got a chance to chit chat with André before his gig at Kitty Su Delhi and he completely charmed me.

Here’s how our lovely conversation went –

 1. Welcome to India! What is the most fascinating thing about India for you?

I think its probably one of the most beautiful countries that I’ve been to. It really surprised me. Not that I thought it wasn’t going to be but you hear so much about India and you watch movies and when you’re here its so much bigger and better and more chaotic. Its crazy! This place is very different from the rest of the world its very unique. Even down to like the smell, the food, its overwhelming and the driving…haha oh cant get use to the driving! I was doing a research and I saw that theres a lot of places to visit here and I’ve already set my alarm for tomorrow morning so I can go see them!


2. Who are your favorite composers/musicians that inspire you?


Umm a lot of people. I could definitely pick a couple but I feel like you’re kind of inspired by everything that you listen to.  There’s a couple of people I latch on to like James Murphy and Paul Simon. That’s somebody I kind of grew up with,  my mom used to listen to them growing up so I have a connection to that. There’s an artist named Mike Patton, he’s very inspiring to me and that’s because his every project is completely different than the previous.  So he’s always reinventing himself he’s not super popular but he’s just so talented and always so interesting.



3. So you were in a lot of bands when you were younger of different genres of music, what made you want to stick to electronic music?


I kind of fell into electronic music, It wasn’t like a goal it was just something that worked. With electronic music its one of the few genres where you can do it all yourself. I’m a little bit thick headed haha so I’m not the best collaborator and its nice to do it all by myself and not have to worry about anybody else and not have to deal with egos and you can do it all on a computer you know. That’s what really drew me to it and once I got into it I really started to appreciate it. It’s an art form that goes very deep. Its become mainstream in a lot of places recently and it has such a rich history and there’s so much depth to it and so much going on in electronic music that people don’t know about so I appreciate that I guess.


4. What are your fondest musical memories?


Well my mom didn’t listen to a lot of music but she had a couple of records like Simon and Garfunkel was one of them and I really latched on to it but that was a little bit later in life I don’t think I appreciated it as much as a child. Coachella we played it last year and that was a very important moment and its one of the biggest festivals in the world and to be able to play at that was pretty amazing and I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.


5. If you weren’t  a music artist what would you be? Alternate career path?


I almost didn’t pursue music, I almost went to school for graphic design. I think I would’ve gone  down that path. In some ways I kind of do – with music and album art and I work a little bit on design otherwise. I don’t do my own album art but I get to curate it in some ways.


6. If you could have one super power what would it be and why?


More time. I wish I could freeze time because there’s so much more I want to do.  I think about that a lot, even though I put out a lot of music there’s just so much more I want to do and I wish I had more time.


7. What is your most valued material possession that you absolutely cannot live without?


Oh I think my studio as a whole  is my most valuable possession. I could pick few specific equipment’s but it’s the entire space which is very valuable to me. It’s a creative sanctuary to me. When I go there its what I do and no distractions and I value that time a lot.


8. Kitty Su was recently named #1 Nightclub in Delhi & Mumbai. Little Boots also performed here in January. How excited are you to perform at Kitty Su? 😛


Very excited specially because its my first time in India. This entire tour is five cities and they are all completely new. Its been amazing . You go into a place and you have no idea of what’s going to happen, not like from a tourist perspective but I’m  getting to meet new people. It happened in (Kitty Su) Mumbai, I met people who have been following my music since I was in college and it was like what?! I was doing this in my dorm room and  how did it reach India? You know. Its always really nice to hear that.




9. If you were deserted on an island alone and you could only take 3 albums with you which would they be?


Graceland by Paul Simon, White pony by Deftness – It’s a very good album, it was very important to me as a teenager.. I was in fact just listening to it and it reminded me of how much I adore this album. That’s a difficult question by the way and 3rd is Sound of Silver by LCD Soundsystem.


10. What advice would you give to the new artists to take their productions to the next level?


I say this a lot but I think being yourself is very important especially for a new artist. There’s always a pressure to follow what everybody else is doing because its easy you know. If you see somebody being successful with a style you think “oh I can do that too”. I think if you kind of develop your own style and your own comfort with your own decisions and be confident within yourself then it maybe a little hard to start out  but you’re going to have a much easier time having a long lasting career. It has to be intentional and you have to really think about it yourself. I learned that early on and I think its really  helped me long term whereas I’ve seen a lot of people who started at the same time I did and they aren’t doing it anymore. I feel lucky and I feel like I made an intentional choice to be myself and nobody else.


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