English electropop singer-songwriter and DJ Little Boots is touring India and I am so excited to welcome this star to perform at Kitty Su Delhi & Mumbai!  After staying a member of the band Dead Disco, and then performing as a solo artist , she has released three albums : Hands (2009), Nocturnes (2013) and Working Girl (2015) along with EPs and remixes. Let me give you a short sneak peak into Little Boot’s musical career.

In her college days, she entered the ITV talent competition search Pop Idol aged sixteen. Reaching the third round, she was eliminated by the producers of the show and did not reach the panel of judges. She stated, “It gave me a thicker skin and it made me realise that it wasn’t a short cut to getting where I wanted to be”, which is the boldest stand one can take on the face of challenges.

The girl studied cultural studies at the University of Leeds, earning a first-class honours degree. By playing “awful, schmoozy lounge versions of Norah Jones songs” in hotels around the north-west, she subsidised her course. With her passion less towards money and more to the work, Hesketh along with two of her fellow students, formed the all-girl band Dead Disco, becoming the lead singer, giving a kickstart to her talents in the world she wanted to find herself commendable place. With only a few songs written, Dead Disco began playing gigs around the north of England . Little Boots sings and plays the piano,keyboards, synthesizerStylophone and has a quick hand on a Japanese electronic instrument called Tenori-onThe Human LeaguePink FloydBritney Spears and Captain Beefheart have been influences to the girl who might as well inspire you ! Little Boots has been quick on joining hands with the producer Michael Woods on the song “I Wish”, which premiered during Woods’s set on BBC Radio 1‘s Essential Mix on December 2011. You might as well make some wish, on a better morning, like a pretty tough heroin down there on the links! Citing words from her personal experience, in an interview with This Is Fake DIY, Boots said of the album that she felt “More at peace” about where she was creatively as an artist now than an year or so ago.She understands the nervousness that binds a person while they are heading to release anything they’ve created into the world, “but I’ve realised “, she adds, “what I want to do and how I can achieve it, rather than trying to please other people.

I got to have a chit-chat with this cool kitten right before her Kitty Su gig in Mumbai:

  1. How did this India Tour come in picture, and what do you look forward to in this trip?

I have wanted to visit India for a long time and so I’m very happy I have made it here for both business and pleasure! I have spent some time traveling around the country then will return to Mumbai and Delhi for my DJ sets.

  1. What all are you influenced by from the Indian culture (I know you like the bindi). Have you tried any Indian Classical instruments to creating your infamous dance beats?

Haha yes I used to wear a bindi as a teenager they were made very fashionable at the time by Gwen Stefani! I think the colors and fabrics of the women’s clothes here are really beautiful. I have not tried any Indian instruments but have listened to a lot of different kinds of Indian music I am especially enjoying some Hindi pop.

  1. Your new collab with RAC is off the hook, if had an opportunity which Dance Music DJ/Producer would you love to collab with?

Thank you I’m glad you like the song, I would love to collaborate with someone like Daft Punk because I think they are truly amazing but have hardly ever collaborates with any women in any of their records so I think that would be something really unique.

  1. You bring the elements of Live band performance, pop vocals and electronic dance music together in your Live performances. Is this collision of different worlds going to be the future of sound?

I think electronic music has to be part of the future of sound as it’s a place where lots of things are still to be discovered or tried. Bringing this to life in a live performance is always a challenge as nobody wants to watch someone perform with a laptop, so I think combining these elements into an exciting live show is very important right now

  1. Your transition from classically trained jazz to pop and dance musician. Which musicians you looked upto growing up?

I loved a lot of 70s and 80s artists like Kate Bush, Davie Bowie, Elton John, Carole King, Abba, The Human Leage... All great pop songwriters that were also artists with lots of personality pushing boundaries.

  1. Whats missing today in the nightclubs and dance music that you’d like to change/work towards?

For me a lot of dance music popular in clubs right now has no personality or heart in it, it’s very repetitive and feels like anyone could be singing the songs.. So for me I’d like to bring back dance records that are uplifting and take you somewhere special, that can tell a story as well as making you dance.

Little Boots DJ set at Kitty Su Mumbai on 29th January. 

Little Boots DJ set at Kitty Su Delhi on 30th January, 2016. 

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