The words ” Dualist Inquiry ” musters up beautiful curiosity to my mind. And this is before I even saw the face of the artist behind the name. Sahej Bakshi- a music producer, guitarist and cerebral agent who graduated from the Thornton Music School at USC in Los Angeles, CA is considered to be one of the leading producers and live performers of electronic music in India. I got to chat with him before he heads to Kitty Su Chandigarh this Saturday night – 28th November. Lets just say, this dynamic artist will be bringing the high energies of Chandigarh to a new high with his fresh mix of live electronica and guitar-based rock music.

  • Hi Sahej! To begin with, I am super excited for your show at Kitty Su! What are your expectations from the night?
I’m expecting it to be as full-on as Chandigarh usually is! I’ll be bringing a collection of my most recent and dance-friendly tunes, so it should be a good one.
  • You have been invited to play at renowned festivals, like the Berlin Music Week (2010), and the Great Escape Festival (2011),  NH7 Weekender, Sunburn, Invasion Festival, Sulafest, BASS Camp Festival and India Bike Week… Any that are in your bucket list you’d love to perform at?
Oh yeah, no matter how many festivals one plays at, there are so many more on the bucket list. Glastonbury, Coachella are two of them for me, personally.
  •  The first time you played the guitar for a live set, what was the experience like?
It felt natural and comfortable to me, and the crowd was really supportive. Though there were a few people who seemed quite confused by my act the first time they saw it. (laughs)
  • Whom do you look upto in the industry?
There have been many figures who have provided me with inspiration and guidance when all through the years. Artists like the Midival Punditz, Arjun Vagale, Shaa’ir & Func were nothing but warm and welcoming to me in my earliest days, and today I feel lucky to call them my close friends.
  • For the young ones starting up and who look at you as an inspiration, a piece of advice?
If you’re looking to make a career in electronic music right now, the time is right! Go for it, and give it everything you’ve got 🙂 
  • Lastly, what in your opinion makes a great epic night? I have a feeling you will have one at Kitty Su x
It’s an epic night when you get a bunch of nice, friendly people who all love music in the same room, and when they come together, the energy levels go through the roof. Here’s to this Saturday at Kitty Su!
Dualist Inquiry Live at Kitty Su Chandigarh on Saturday, 28 November 2015.
Tickets : http://www.kittysu.com/gigs/gigs-details.php?eventId=428&eventVenue=7
Entry and Table Reservation : +918288033868, +911723007711, +918288033863

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