Aussie Maschine master Bass Kleph brought in the bass to Delhi and Mumbai. Growing up on Rock and Punk Rock, his music is a mix of electro, rock and heavy bass. The former drummer’s electronic music is quite rock- influenced.

Check out my interview with him before he boarded his flight to Delhi. xo



KittySu @kittysuindia: Hiya @basskleph ! Look forward to out #twinterview in just 45mins #askbasskleph


KittySu @Kittysuindia: hi @basskleph !! We are super stoked to have you play at #kittysu tonight in Delhi and tomorrow night at #kittysuMumbai

Bass Kleph @basskleph: @KittySuIndia thanks! I can’t wait to rock out with you guys tonight at the show!


KittySu @Kittysuindia: To begin with, 3 things you about your work? #AskBASSKLEPH @basskleph

Bass Kleph @basskleph:

@KittySuIndia #1 I love performing live dance music on my Drum Machine #maschine @NI_Maschine

@KittySuIndia #2 I love writing and engineering in the studio. Lately my music is a mix of electro, rock and heavy bass lines

@KittySuIndia #3 I used to be a rock drummer. It’s definitely influenced the electronic music I write


KittySu @Kittysuindia: Cool! Do we get to experience the #maschine tonight at #kittysu?

Bass Kleph @basskleph: @KittySuIndia @NI_Maschine hell yes! I’ll be playing live versions of my songs & some of my other fave songs. and DJing in between too!



KittySu @Kittysuindia: Your most memorable gig #AskBASSKLEPH @basskleph ( just to know what we got to trump tonight !!)

Bass Kleph @basskleph: @KittySuIndia it’s too hard to choose. But one of my faves recently was at Cafe Mambo in Goa! Such a fun crazy night!


KittySu @Kittysuindia: Artists you look up to #AskBASSKLEPH @basskleph at #KittySu

Bass Kleph @basskleph: @KittySuIndia Justice, Jack Ü, and Knife Party


KittySu @Kittysuindia: You used to be a #rock #drummer, What kinda #Music did you listen to growing up? #AskBASSKLEPH @basskleph

Bass Kleph @basskleph: @KittySuIndia mostly rock and punk rock. I loved bands like The Deftones, Helmet, & Tool, but also NOFX, Pennywise, Sublime and more


KittySu @Kittysuindia: what inspired you for SCREAM? #AskBASSKLEPH @basskleph

Bass Kleph @basskleph: @KittySuIndia I wanted to write a song that captured a high energy, stadium rock moment. Def inspired by one of my fave bands, ACDC


KittySu @Kittysuindia: #ACDC #hellyeah !! So when can we expect your next #album ?? #AskBASSKLEPH @basskleph

Bass Kleph @basskleph: @KittySuIndia these days I mostly do singles, and I’ll be testing out my new one tonight. It’s called Slam Dancing. Coming out v soon!


KittySu @Kittysuindia: Any artist you want to collaborate with? #AskBASSKLEPH @basskleph

Bass Kleph @basskleph: @KittySuIndia I’d love to colab with my faves like justice, jack u and knife party, but also fat Freddy’s drop, Noisia, pharell, and ACDC


KittySu @Kittysuindia: Anything you’re looking forward to in this #India trip? #AskBASSKLEPH @basskleph

Bass Kleph @basskleph: @KittySuIndia I always love performing in India. The ppl are so nice, fun, and full of energy! This is also my first time in Dehli!

@KittySuIndia ahh my flight is about to take off guys 🙁 i have to turn off my phone. See u in Dehli soon!!




















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