Slove is a band that mixes its tastes for yesterday’s indie pop music flamboyance and the urgency of todayʼs electronic music. Shaking up todayʼs French scene the two founding members Léo Hellden & Julien Barthe are involved in several exciting projects (Aswefall, Tristesse Contemporaine for Léo, Plaisir de France and Sweetlight / Abusator for Julien).

Slove is cooking up a much-awaited release uniting ice and fire inspired by indie dance idols of them (Pale Saints, Slowdive, Stones Roses, etc…) Slove is bringing back into fashion the class of a hedonistic pop here loaded with modern and sophisticated arrangements.

Their album LeDanse mixes guitar and electro pop of the nineties with a modern sound, as Julien says “ the most important thing is melody”. Slove came to be with two individual artist DJs with a passion for creating new sounds with a mix of yesteryear and modern production, an array of talented singers have also lent their voices for the album.

Q1.How did you come up with the name Slove?

Julien– It was a game of words between slow music and love

Leo- There is always something nostalgic about it.

Q2.Tell us how you started doing the kind of music you do.

Leo- I started as a guitarist for a singer, and did other projects; Julien and I met for the first time in Barcelona, I was there with my band and he was there working on his own project. We spoke for a bit, and then we met again in Paris about a year later. We shared the same studio to work on a project

Julien: The Slove Project!

Q3.How are you feeling about your debut in Delhi and Mumbai?

Leo- We are quite flattered to be invited. Its been some time since our first album, and these two gigs came at the right moment to meet up and try new things

Julien- We’re thinking about playing a new song tonight.

Q4. What do you do when you’re doing a new track?

Leo- Either Julien has an idea and he shows it to me or I have an idea and I show it to him and sometimes we just have a jam session or a beat, some guitars on bass and drums, and we just process that

Julien- The most important thing is melody

Leo- Oh and I forgot an important thing, sometimes we ask different singers to come and sing on track.

Julien- Yeah, we start together and…

Leo- and we send the track to a singer

Q5. Have you tried mixing any Indian instruments in any of your tracks?

Leo- Not yet, maybe we’ll do a Beatle’s trip (lol)

Q6. Any other agenda besides your gig here in India?

Leo- Yes, we’re going to Goa.

Julien- It would be nice to find a good sitar player for the next album.

Slove performed at Kitty Su Delhi (September 11, 2015) and Kitty Su Mumbai (September 12, 2015). keep updated with our gigs here:



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