We love an opportunity to do an interview with our guest DJs before their gig at Kitty Su! This one is with young men behind the alias ANSWER ( Stallion DJ and Arjun Nair) for a fun chat before thir 1st show here.

KittySu_Delhi: HELLO ANSWER! aka @stalliondj &@DJArjunNair ! Lets get to know you better Kitty Su style shall we?

DJArjunNair : Hell yes!
KittySu_Delhi: Serious questions first – Who is the cuter one amongst you @DJArjunNair or @stalliondj ?
DJArjunNair:  Hahaha! @KittySu_Delhi you really have a way with your questions don’t you!? Cuter is possibily @stalliondj , but hotter is definitely me.
StallionDj : let us be fair. All the younger girls find Arjun cute! I don’t know for why older girls find me cute. Hahaha!
KittySu_Delhi:  Great! so now I’m going to just talk with @DJArjunNair !! Thanks for stopping by @stalliondj 😛 #kidding
DJArjunNair: hahahaha! Bring it! 🙂 I’m loving this#Twinterview already!
KittySu_Delhi:  Q2. How did you both decide on the name ANSWER or ANS. ?
DJArjunNair: Well ANS. is like our initials put together. ArjunNair – AN & Stallion – S. SO we figured it would work.
KittySu_Delhi: Aaah clever and cute! Tomorrow’s show should be fun 😛 
StallionDj : ..So our @thechethanator came up with it. Not when he was sober!
KittySu_Delhi: Q3. How did you guys get into Electronic dance music?#twinterview @DJArjunNair@stalliondj
DJArjunNair: Our love was always for the Big room sounds and when we started off, we had to play a bit of commercial,a lot of it actually, So every-time we played, we kept slipping in some of our favorite#EDM tunes & it just clicked each time! With time our sound evolved into what it is now #BIGROOM #House Nice and bouncy baselines with the right amount of vocals.
Stalliondj: I started of when I was 16, I experimented by playing everything possible. but I figured EDM was it, and the scene exploded.
KittySu_Delhi: Aah @stalliondj – Are you the dark horse of the duo? hence the name? Also what were you playing at 16? 
Stalliondj: good one, haha! Well all I can say is im the crazier half and the name is lucky! I used to play R&B, Hip-Hop and Retro!
KittySu_Delhi: Ooo crazy is good especially when it comes to playing at #KittySu !!
stalliondj : Must admit it the boy @stalliondj does have a real ear for sound.
KittySu_Delhi: Q4. Best 3 things from living as DJs?
Stalliondj : 1.) The goosebumps you get when the crowd goes wild! 2.) All the new friends we make 3.) Making my family proud
DJArjunNair: 1. All time is Music time! 2. Travel & all the super awesome people we meet! 3. The Adrenalin Rush on stage.
KittySu_Delhi: Awwww 🙂 I see why the older gals get swooned by @stalliondj !!
DJArjunNair: hahahaha! wheres the lie detector!#GoodBoyAndYouKnowIt :p
KittySu_Delhi: Q5. Best 3 things you heard about KittySu?
Question#5 could be the deal breaker amongst who is cuter ;P #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun
Stalliondj : nominated as the No.1 club in India 2.) majority of the top 100 DJ’s played there 3.) I heard about the afterparties too 😉
DJArjunNair: 1.All the Kittens I keep hearing about! 2. Incredible hospitality 3.The masked vigilante who handles the social media for@KittySu_Delhi :p

KittySu_Delhi: Damn. We’ll need a tie breaker.#HotVsCute @DJArjunNair @stalliondj 

KittySu_Delhi: What should all the ladies & gents come for Kitty Su Cotton Candy tomorrow night 29Jan with ANSWER? 
Stalliondj: of course the madness that is #ANSWERmusic@DJArjunNair

KittySu_Delhi: Thanks ANSWER for talking to me x Look forward to partying with you BOTH tomorrow night

Stalliondj: Its been a pleasure and a whole lot of fun. Can’t wait for the madness tomorrow! See you soon 🙂
DJArjunNair: The Pleasure is ours. Thank you for this Super fun #twinterview! Looking forward to tomorrow! See you soon! 
ANSWER or ANS. is a collaborative effort of DJ Arjun Nair & DJ Stallion featuring the best of Electronic Dance Music and Big Room House. Their entire set is played back 2 back & is known for its incredible energy!”We believe, Music for us is synonymous with a feeling. It’s not a language – it’s an emotion. That said, we do different kinds of music. We believe it’s more about having a good time – with good music. We play BIG-ROOM HOUSE, TECH HOUSE AND DEEP – Our tastes lie for Dance music”

The ANSWER Duo has played for about close to 85+ shows this year alone, out of which 14 were alongside International Artists for the like of EDM’s Biggest names such as: Moguai, Bassjackers, Yves V, Chris Lake, Nari & Milani, Cedric Gervais, First State, Omnia, Sebastian Drums, Henry Saiz and more.

The Duo shared stage with the Armada Prodigy Jochen Miller at the Great Indian Octoberfest, Bangalore. They have also played at the Official Sunburn Pre party for the NERVO India tour in Bangalore, The Sound Awake Pre party for Steve Aoki & the Sunburn Bangalore festivals Pre party as well.

ANSWER are also the headliners of one of Bangalore biggest House music nights called “Operation Dance”.

ANSWER played at Kitty Su on 29 January for Cotton Candy Wednesday night.

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