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Back in the 80s and 90s almost every kid and adult grew up listening to music on their walkman or stereo via plastic rectangular music tape case called a ‘cassette’. Swapping cassettes with friends or going to music shops to hunt for the latest album releases, there are too many sweet memories attached to this small plastic music storage thing. Using a wooden pencil to rewind (or fast forward) the music in a manual manner. The album artwork on the folded paper around the cassette inside the case to read the album credits, and if you’re lucky the lyrics to each song too! And you hit gold if you received a personalized mix-tape of your favorite music from your loved one which didn’t come with a mass produced printed artwork but personalised pen scribbled names of songs. Those were the efforts you made for the sake of music and that’s why a 90s child can never forget the worth of a cassette.


Kitty Su brings back those sweet memories for the lover of retro in you in a Cassette tape inspired neckpiece.

You can buy this Kitty Su’s official merchandise here for INR 240/-

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