Aah! to be a girl. Smell good, wear nice shoes, and dance better. Ok we can argue about the last one. But it sure is a blessing to be a girl. The cherry on top is to be working at Kitty Su and get to party after work. (we can argue about the work part also). When Kitty Su recently announces the launch of ‘Cotton Candy’ Wednesday night. These nights are designed for us girls. Free entry for women, complimentary pinky vodka shots (by a shirtless shot boy), Special cotton candy infused cocktails, brilliant DJs who play commercial dance music for a banging time on the dance floor and fashionable merchandise and Spa vouchers from the Lalit Hotel spa to be won throughout the night.

The first Cotton Candy night was a delectable sight. Delhi’s wonderful creatures stepped in the most stylish looks and mind bending dance moves. Surprisingly (or obviously) some really handsome boys were noticed that night too!

Cotton Candy nights will be a permanent fixture for Kitty Su. Every second and forth Wednesday of the month, expect to have a gala time here. Every time Kitty Su will be introducing something fresh like international DJs, and entertainment acts.

Cotton Candy Night Wednesday dates:

  • 13th February with DJ Scotty
  • 27th February with Kini Rao
  • 13th March with DJ Bruno

This Wednesday – 13th February , Cotton Candy night will be hosted by (hottie) DJ Scotty. It will also be Kitty Su special Anti-Valentines Day party. Expect S&M inspired decor, none cutesy valentines day treats and music for a wild night out. It’s better to be single this Valentine’s Day! See you in Kitty Su on 13th Feb!

Another wonderful service of Cotton Candy night is Pick up & Drop service. Since we know how unsafe Delhi is becoming for the youth to step out post sunset, the Pick up & Drop service by Kitty Su is a service that ensures your safety. Call 96504-00444 and ask for the ‘Cotton Candy special Pick up and Drop service‘ latest by 6PM of the Cotton Candy night. This service will be conducted by the hotel and Kitty Su where a skilled licensed driver and car will come to your house (minimum count of female guests 5 and maximum 15) to take you for a fun night at the safe vicinity of Kitty Su. Pick-up would be done only maximum till 9 PM and not beyond the mentioned time line of that informed for the pick up. The drop service will ofcourse be made from Kitty Su back to your home. Whoever said you cannot have a carefree night out in Delhi ?

Do let us know what you think of our Cotton Candy nights with hashtag #CottonCandy on Facebook page and Twitter. See you on the 13th of February!

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