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The words " Dualist Inquiry " musters up beautiful curiosity to my mind. And this is before I even saw the face of the artist behind the name. Sahej Bakshi- a music producer, guitarist and cerebral agent who graduated from the Thornton Music School at USC in Los Angeles, CA is considered to be one of the leading producers and live performers of electronic music in India. I got to chat with him before he hea.. Continue reading »
Some DJ careers are built on hype. John Digweed’s career is built on substance. John was voted World’s No.1 DJ in 2001 by DJ Magazine.   He has also collaborated with the many of the amazing talents like Nick Muir, Sasha and many more. Digweed’s music is some insane progressive house and he’s simply not just another artist. Digweed DJed as himself in the Greg Harrison's 2000 .. Continue reading »
Aussie Maschine master Bass Kleph brought in the bass to Delhi and Mumbai. Growing up on Rock and Punk Rock, his music is a mix of electro, rock and heavy bass. The former drummer’s electronic music is quite rock- influenced. Check out my interview with him before he boarded his flight to Delhi. xo Continue reading »
SKRILLEX AFTERPARTY #MUMBAI #KITTYSU    So then, word going round town was that SKRILLEX was having an Afterparty. And then, this poster happened.   The town got buzzing and Twitter was booming, mostly with confusion and curiosi.. Continue reading »