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I know it is already near end of September, but since Kitty Su still has banging International DJs playing this month, though I'd post about them for a quick update.  1 September: Albin Myers 7 September: Weekend Heroes 15 September: EDX 19 September : Neuromotor 21 September: Sebastien Drums 26 September: Bookashade Tonight (Wednesday 19 Sept) come for Neuromotor. Pioneer of the globa.. Continue reading »
Meet Umesh Chand, 25 years old. 1. What do you do at Kitty Su? I'm a Bar supervisor at Kitty Su. I supervise the bartenders to make sure they follow proper procedures for making drinks, use the right garnish and ingredients and also maintain hygiene around the bar. 2. How long have you worked here? Over 1 year, I joined with the beginning of Kitty Su on the 20th of July 2011. 3. What do you like most ab.. Continue reading »