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This Saturday we have yet another unbelievable act. Epic producer and DJ TOCADISCO travel to our shore this weekend. Kitty Su was an obvious choice for the mega DJ to perform at (c'mon, who else could have the same quality of music and grand capacity of holding their Indian fan base comfortably?) With over a hundred remixes, two artist albums and 20 international successful singles, TOCADISCO is touring worldwi.. Continue reading »
  Yves V is one of the best growing DJ talents from the Benelux. He already played at events like Sensation, David Guetta in Concert, Mysteryland and so on .. Last summer the beats brought by Yves V were a standard at every big outdoor event. One to remember was definitely his memorable set at the mainstage of Tomorrowland! Nowadays Yves V is travelling around the globe. His remix of Insane Pressure was his b.. Continue reading »
Learn a move or two from this motley crew of dancing kittens! And yes, see ya'll tonight! .. Continue reading »
Talented musician Karsh Kale performed live on 27 January 2012, with his newly formed band at Kitty Su. From tabla, vocals, bansuri, drums, DJ, bass, there was no melody that was missing. The result was a sweet symphony of various music genres. The audience was blown away by the quality of the sound and we were glad to have arranged the same at Kitty Su. Right before the gig we chatted with Mr. Karsh Kale to know what he has been doing lately. Oh, and the chat was over twitter, resulting.. Continue reading »