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You'd think a sit-down with Kitty Su's founder Mr. Keshav Suri would be intimidating. After all, its not an easy job to commence Kitty Su Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kitty Su Pleasuredome, pop-ups and win the 'Best Nightclub' Award in each of these cities! But Keshav has always been the party starter and if you're accompanying him to the dance floor, be prepared for the craziest night of your life! I have to introduce the man and brains behind your favorite nighttime haven – Kitty Su! .. Continue reading »
Kitty Su interviews DubFX right before his performance at Kitty Su Delhi on 29 March. He lets us in on how he makes music, what helped him get recognised and why street performance still holds a special place in his heart. You’ve been to India before. Is it any different this time? -       This is my third time in India and second time in Delhi. The first two times I was with my partner but this time I’m b.. Continue reading »
Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month, Kitty Su introduces the concept of 'B!#CH FRIDAYS'. Yes, you heard it right, B!#CH Fridays. Taking one genre of music, bringing the top crust of artists/ DJ from that same genre to play that Friday and reminisce why that genre holds a special place in music. We want you to feel the pure sounds that will get you a natural high. Kitty Su B%#ch .. Continue reading »