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At the core of this approach is the assumption that the single energy market, energy security is regional, not just national. In other words, the demand energy should also be met by foreign suppliers, in crisis situations, countries should support each other in ensuring the security of electricity supply “- reads. Under this approach, the Polish market power will have to undergo the procedure for assessing whether the issue of sufficiency of power, this time at the European level, still exists. Application by the Member mechanisms such support must be accompanied by the introduction of market reforms, including deregulation of prices. “The solutions offer the possibility of a coherent energy development in all EU countries. The Polish is a chance to reform our market and modernize the sector in line with global trends reduce emissions, care more about the environment and provide consumers with high-quality services through effective competition on the market” – said the author Paul Wrobel report, quoted in the release. “Trying to define in one sentence the biggest in the history of the EU regulatory package, we can say that in a few years, energy will become closer to the people. Kowalska and they will be able to produce energy for their own needs, renewable energy will be a welcome source of energy in the European Union.

Large energy system will continue to provide the basis for the current in the socket, but it will be more and more alternatives and new opportunities. the b Continue reading »