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  Back in the 80s and 90s almost every kid and adult grew up listening to music on their walkman or stereo via plastic rectangular music tape case called a 'cassette'. Swapping cassettes with friends or going to music shops to hunt for the latest album releases, there are too many sweet memories attached to this small plastic music storage thing. Using a wooden pencil to rewind (or fast forward) the music.. Continue reading »


In 2013 we hosted Zedd’s premiere India tour and needless to say it was beyond epic proportions!

Since today is ZEDD’s birthday ( music genius turns 23 today) we decided to post some photos from his fans meet and greet right before the Pleasuredome concert in Mumbai.

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Kitty Su interviews DubFX right before his performance at Kitty Su Delhi on 29 March. He lets us in on how he makes music, what helped him get recognised and why street performance still holds a special place in his heart. You’ve been to India before. Is it any different this time? -       This is my third time in India and second time in Delhi. The first two times I was with my partner but this time I’m b.. Continue reading »
Alessandro Lindblad also called as Alesso slash the hottest young DJ in the world. When we heard he is coming to Kitty Su as part of the first big gig in 2013, excitement couldn’t be contained. I mean, this is the DJ who has made genius tracks like ‘Years’, ‘Clash’ and ‘City of Dreams’! And so early and peak of his career we will have him perform at Kitty Su Delhi - first time ever in India! This was a .. Continue reading »
Yup, award-winning DJ, producer, label manager, DJMag Top 100 list newcomer and World #6 Hardwell is performing in India for the very first time at Kitty Su New Delhi on 6th December, Thursday.  Robbert van de Corput started his DJ career at the age of 13. Now 23, he has established a strong name for himself in a very short time. Hardwell was picked up by a Dutch label and they signed him when he was only 14 y.. Continue reading »
DJ Namito is a known music figure from the Berlin techno scene. He has DJ-ed for the best night clubs like Berlin's techno music club 'E-Werk' and as a resident at 'Tresor'. Namito has estabilished a distinct name in the industry since 1992 and his releases have caught the attraction of European clubs such as 'Turnmills' in London and 'Brancaleone' in Rome. He has releases on labels like Multicolor, Martin Eyerer’s Kling Klong and Great Stuff. Furthermor.. Continue reading »
Delhi based electronica project B.L.O.T. {Basic Love Of Things} comprises of a visual artist and music producer & DJ who founded the TECHNODROME festival with the idea which lies in the crux of their inception : A multidisciplinary project supported by a network of artists focussed on creating atypical clubland experiences. BLOT has curated the experimental stage at Sunburn Festival in Goa (2010 & 2011) and further afield, have performed at legendary venues like Tresor and Bar25 (Berlin) s.. Continue reading »
We are so excited to have PETE TONG performing in Kitty Su on the 2nd! It’s fair to say that Pete Tong’s history is intertwined with the history of acid house and electronic music itself. His career mirrors the story of dance music over the last 25 years. Pete’s radio shows are revered around the world. Now the proud host of the 9pm-11pm Friday night slot on BBC Radio 1 - 'The Pete Tong Show' (or Essential Selection as it is still tagged internationally) regularly attracts over 2 millio.. Continue reading »
I know it is already near end of September, but since Kitty Su still has banging International DJs playing this month, though I'd post about them for a quick update.  1 September: Albin Myers 7 September: Weekend Heroes 15 September: EDX 19 September : Neuromotor 21 September: Sebastien Drums 26 September: Bookashade Tonight (Wednesday 19 Sept) come for Neuromotor. Pioneer of the globa.. Continue reading »
Meet Umesh Chand, 25 years old. 1. What do you do at Kitty Su? I'm a Bar supervisor at Kitty Su. I supervise the bartenders to make sure they follow proper procedures for making drinks, use the right garnish and ingredients and also maintain hygiene around the bar. 2. How long have you worked here? Over 1 year, I joined with the beginning of Kitty Su on the 20th of July 2011. 3. What do you like most ab.. Continue reading »